The Bluebottle Boys (Volume Two) Chapter 32 — Birmingham (UK) & Edgbaston, 17 April 1962: The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Bombed Out Cinema (Part 4)

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After three hours we’d had all we could take of such intense rehearsal.

Our former favorite bombed-out cinema – whatever it had become – had apparently also wearied of us, for the candles were burning low without any new ones being lit. A bright light with a bit of fog appeared at the far end, near a boarded up area near where the front door of the cinema had once stood,

We took the hint and walked into the light, fining ourselves outside, in the shade of the scaffolding, the Tippins’ Bentley and its driver waiting just beyond, in the early afternoon sun,

I looked behind me, not at all surprised to find that there was no door. I’d no doubt the door at the second landing of the fire escape had disappeared too, and that if I did get inside just now, all I’d find was a dark, empty shell that had once been Stan’s and my favorite bombed-out abandoned cinema.

* * *

  “Alright, let’s see it.”

“See what?” I asked Jenny.

We’d returned for quite a scrumptious lunch at the Tippins’ house. We’d all relaxed, chatted for a bit, gone up to Ian’s bedroom to see the planetarium show once more, but Stan and I were getting ready to leave, and the Tippins’ driver was waiting.

“This Doo-wop gobbledygook,” she replied.

”Ian says you’ve done some arranging – that, on the whole, it’s fundamentally vocal harmonies with simple rhythm structure and pop music chord progressions.”

“The rhythm structure isn’t necessarily simple,” I said, perhaps a bit too edgily – than smiled my mum’s reassuring smile. “But, I think you otherwise have the gist of it.”

“Leave the folder, Reggie,” she said, a bit imperiously, I thought at the time.

I had, in fact, brought it; but where did she get off presuming that I had?

“If there’s enough time, after I practice on Ian’s piano, I’ll give this stuff a once over.”

“O thank you, Great One,” I thought, rather sarcastically, “We peasants await the outpouring of your wisdom.”

But, I gave her the folder.


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