The Bluebottle Boys — Chapter 18: Bethany, Part II [section 8 of 12]

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I saw a substantial quantity of faerie light – as if it were a hive of faeries – in a tree not 20 meters away.

I drifted over and ascended, until the light was at eye level; they were indeed milling about, but I’d no time to see what they were doing when a swarm of them attacked.

I’ve no idea how they knew I was there, much less where I was, but they encircled me in a way not vastly different from the way wasps and hornets do. They had no stingers, nor had I any tangible form to be stung. Instead, they engulfed me in light to a point of blindness, and then utilized some kind of collective force, carrying me for a considerable distance.

Then they flung me still farther into darkness.

They must have also endowed me with some temporary ethereal state, for this time I ricocheted off nothing, but traveled in a straight line, even through rocks and trees. I even bounced under the ground, briefly travelling through it, exiting through a cliffside into midair.

But eventually my momentum slowed and my ethereal state wore off. I again ricocheted off rocks and trees, coming at last to a final ignominious halt in the midst of what I hoped was only a mud puddle, though it was far too dark to be certain. I raised myself a meter or so above the ground, grateful that none of whatever I’d landed in could stick to me.

I’d managed to recover enough of my sight to see that there was a faint light off in the distance – more of an amber glow, less of the brilliant light the faeries had – that I hoped might be somebody’s campfire. I’d no need for heat or nourishment, but some friendly companionship would be nice about now – particularly if he/she/they/it could give me any information about where I was. I might then get that data to Bethany, get to where I needed to go, get whatever lesson I’d been sent here to get, get back to Bethany and get home before I’d get in trouble.


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