The Bluebottle Boys, Chapter 14, Part 1 — Los Angeles, 1976: Why Do They Do It? [section 1 of 2]

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[Note: The featured pic is of Reggies’ — or rather Reg. as he then calls himself — bedroom with a bit of magic added, just before the strange proprietor of Whitfield’s World of Wonder appeared, along with a band of strange but sincere well-wishers.]

“I really do owe you an apology, Reg,” he says.

“I thought – I truly thought – that the dare was some hare-brained idea on your part, or that some other entities were leading you astray. I’d no idea back then that they were behind it – planting the idea in your head.”

Even through the closed windows, I can hear the first notes of dawn chorus outside. The first dark cadet-blue hints of morning light leak beyond the edges of the shades and through the curtains.

Although the strange proprietor of Whitfield’s World of Wonder, who has materialized in my bedroom in my home in Los Angeles after several years’ absence, had said not to get up, I’m out from under the covers, having teleported to the closet to grab jeans and a shirt, then teleported again to the kitchen to put them on in a modicum of privacy, before returning to the bedroom.

I’m now sitting at the edge of my bed and he’s sitting beside me, with all the rest of my friendly supporters still grouped around my bed.

“Not to worry,” I say with a sigh, as I smile my best “reassuring” smile at him. “I had suspicions almost immediately – it didn’t seem like something I’d think of – but a part of me did think it was my idea for years and years – until a few years back, actually, when I could no longer reconcile all the contradictions.”

My smile begins to fade. “Why do they do it?”

“Do what?”

“This whole surreptitious, top secret, Mata Hari, graveyard-deep thing, where information’s on a need-to-know basis and where I – apparently – don’t need to know.”

“You mean, why don’t they just come out and tell you what to do.”

“They already do tell me what to do – so why so bloody – sorry – so furtive and underhanded about it?”

“You’re excused from using that word, but I’d rather you use other descriptive terms for their conduct. They can set up a situation and place you in it – incidental to that setup they can influence, suggest and maneuver you a bit.

“But their control ends there. You have to decide what to do about it on your own – they are not allowed to influence your mind in any way – the solution must come from your own mind, to implement it from your own free will,”


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