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Walking Backwards for Christmas: A Tale of Woe from Soggyhall

The first book of the Reggie Stone series, set between the years 1960 and 1976, following Reg from ages 8 to 24, as he has a series of increasingly wilder magical adventures, first in England's West Midlands and, from the mid-1960s on, in California, particularly in Los Angeles, even as Reggie comes of age in the tumultuous '60s and early '70s. Though it's not exclusively a Christmas story, this first book has a definite holiday flavor.

It’s Christmas 1960, in the wettest winter England’s known in living memory, and eight-year old Reggie Stone is forced to spend it in “Soggyhall” – the less than kind name Reggie’s given to his grandmother’s home in Solihull. Once warm and welcoming, it has become dark, drafty and dreary, water dripping down the walls...

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G.H. McCallum

G.H. McCallum grew up in what was then the British Columbia countryside, followed by England’s West Midlands, with is inspirations for several places in Tolkein’s Middle Earth, before moving to Southern California. Intense study of drama and music composition led him to write and perform with “Spare Change Radio Theatre.” Working as songwriter/bassist/vocalist in a series of ProgRock and Power-pop bands lends a musical note to his writing.

Active in the Writers’ Mastermind Group and a member of Golden Pen Collective. He’s written a short story, “Natalie,”...

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Read and learn about post World War II British youth culture, the legacy of the ABC Minor's clubs, and the Wee Folk

The Young Edwardians

One of the questions that continually arose from my editor, my writing group and several other friends who reviewed the manuscripts of my novelette This set of articles is my humble attempt to answer this question.

ABC Minor's Club

Many people who reviewed the manuscript of my novelette have become curious about the ABC Minors Club. The following two articles are my humble attempt to answer their questions. Some of this is, necessarily, repetitive of matters mentioned in the books – I can only apologise, and say the redundancy was inevitable.

The Wee Folk

Some 45,000 years ago, during the Ice Age, when huge beasts like the wooly rhino, the mammoth and the saber-toothed cat still roamed the continents as the megafauna, a culture that produced figurines of these creatures began to emerge. They are known as the Aurignacians, and their precise composition still remains something of a mystery.

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